Founders of the company

Spouses Liana and Jiří Beseda, founders of BesCentrum Inc., have been closely associated with private business since their youth. Both Zlín natives were already in their studies, in the deep totalitarian period of the seventies, intensely inspired by the local Baťa business environment.

Immediately after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, Jiří Beseda and his colleagues - programmers and technicians from the then computer center at Rukavičkářské závody in Dobříš, founded the first company with limited liability, Professor & Syn, focused on the production of application software and on the supply and installation of office equipment and HW.

In 1990 Liana subsequently founded, within the company P & S, a very successful shoe and sports shoe store, Boty Plus, which set new benchmarks in sales design and customer relationship.

In 1992, spouses Beseda founded so called “from scratch“ a purely family business KS Klima-Service, specialized in the development, production and servicing of air filters and filtration equipment. They started out as their first employees and gradually built the company from basic production and assembly of pocket filters to demanding advanced technology of manufacturing and installation of highly efficient filters for microelectronics, operating theaters and pharmacies. The success of the KS family company is based on a well-established and consistently committed corporate philosophy aimed at meeting the individual wishes and requirements of each customer.

During its 25-year development, KS has grown into a European leader in atmospheric filtration. At the current time it employs over 90 workers, generates a turnover of CZK 250 m and in 2018 it moved to modern production and administrative premises in Příbram. At the current time we are selecting a strategic partner for the further dynamic growth of the company.

Photo of the new headquarters and production plant in Příbram, Evropská street:

At the moment, Liana and Jiří Beseda are working within their new BesCentrum company on other projects, which will be concentrated in newly reconstructed buildings in the square of Náměstí Svobody in Dobříš.

In business and in the selection of their co-workers, the husband an wife Beseda have followed in many cases the timeless philosophy and the experience from the company Baťa. For example, his theses about how to deal with people properly…