Conference and Lecture Hall

For organizing larger presentations and conferences, the Conference and Lecture Hall of 180 m² is an ideal place, and it offers these organizational options:

  • Up to 90 seats in a theatre arrangement (Theatre Style)
  • Up to 56 seats in a school arrangement (Class Room Style)
  • 32 seats for organizing banguets (Banquet style)

  Theatre Style

  Class Room Style

  Banquet Style

The hall has a fixed stage with following dimensions: width = 6m x depth = 3,5m x height = 1m, and thus also allows for excellent use for theatre performances, concerts, recitals and other performance events.

Hall equipment and technical support:

The hall is equipped with the latest audiovisual technology, which allows organization of even the most demanding conferences and presentations:

  • SONY data projector (back projection)
  • Complete sound of the hall, including microphones
  • Electrically controlled projection screen for a combination of several projections
  • Dimming systems and remote lighting control
  • 3D visualizer
  • Digital camera with audio-video recording capability
  • DVD player and CD player
  • Apple TV
  • TV and SAT connection, VHS video recorder also available, dig. TV and satellite programs
  • Optional projection areas or additional monitors

All devices are simply controlled by the ACC control system with a touch digital panel.

Of course, your laptop can be easily and quickly connected to the Internet.
There is a fast two-way synchronous Internet connection via free WIFI available.
Sufficient capacity and other fixed ISDN lines also allow video conferencing and the connection of demanding telecommunication devices to the network.

The hall is also equipped with an extensive set of presentation equipment and aids of the highest world standard.

The premises of both halls, including the gallery and the foyer, are air-conditioned. The pleasant climate in the spring and summer periods is also naturally created by the historical architecture of the former farm buildings of the Colloredo-Mandsfeld estate.

The high-quality sound system with JBL and BOSE combined with the perfect acoustics of the original shaped vaults allows you to use the spaces as concert halls for live performances of both modern and classical music.